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Project Bread - The Walk for Hunger

Project Bread

Boston, MA

Completed 2023

10,000 SF Renovation with New Furniture


Project Bread is a nonprofit organization in Massachusetts whose mission is to connect people and communities with accessible food sources through assistance programs and policy changes. Since 1969, Project Bread has organized the annual fundraising event known as ‘The Walk for Hunger’.
During the pandemic, the over 60 Project Bread employees transitioned to remote work. In response, by late 2023, the organization tasked MoharDesign with redesigning their East Boston office to draw staff back. The redesign streamlined the 10,000 SF area by removing rigid workstation partitions for a flexible layout, introducing collaborative workstations and event spaces, creating hoteling hubs, and integrating lounges and privacy phone pods, all within a tight budget and utilizing Project Bread's vibrant brand colors as the basis for the color palette.

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