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FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment)

MoharDesign provides exceptional services for furniture selection and procurement. We have extensive knowledge about current contract furniture and vital relationships with local vendors. The numerous benefits our services bring to a project include understanding the essential details of furniture including quality, function, sustainability, durability, and design; and the skills of negotiating and interacting with dealers and manufacturers to obtain the best cost and service benefits for the owner. We handle the complex details of systems furniture and know how to specify, detail, and tailor to the building’s conditions, architectural design and millwork. We’re experienced with selecting furniture that can contribute to LEED certification and is known to be sustainable. Our services also emphasize assembling bid packages and facilitating the bidding process. We also provide comprehensive Furniture Installation Oversight services.

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Chemistry and Forensics Building, University of Rhode Island


College of Engineering, Technology & Aeronautics, SNHU


Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center,

Dartmouth College

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Health, Science, and Technology Building. Lehigh University


Student Union, UMass - Amherst

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